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  1. Go Volunteer Africa (Uganda)
  2. Volunteer in the Bolivian Amazon (education, conservation, healthcare, NGO management) (Bolivia)
  3. Better Sanitation for the Poor (Ghana)
  4. Volunteer in Nepal with Indra Foundation Community Projects (Nepal)
  5. Jose's Hands (United States)
  6. Go Volunteer Africa- Volunteer Work - Volunteer Projects
  7. Asociación Atz’anem K’oj – Theatre of the Oppressed, fighting for rights (Guatemala)
  8. Global Partnerships for Better Outcomes in Developing Communities(GCBC) (Uganda)
  9. Volunteer/ intern placements (Kenya)
  10. Community Development Volunteering Program in Haiti (Haiti)
  11. Fundraising volunteers for SPONSOR – A-CHILD Project (India)
  12. Free Volunteer opportunities in Uganda, Tanzania and South Africa
  13. Community Development Heroes in Africa (Tanzania)
  14. Meaningful Free Volunteer Programs in Africa (Uganda)
  15. Lamp For Future Life (Ghana)
  16. Behind-the-Smile (Kenya)
  18. Go Volunteer Africa (Hope Development Volunteers)
  19. Volunteering Projects in Uganda this summer|Beacon of Hope Uganda (Antarctica)
  20. Volunteer and tour Uganda (Uganda)
  21. Volunteer in Uganda| Affordable Volunteer Projects| Volunteer in Africa (Uganda)
  22. Orphan Care Project in Uganda (Antarctica)
  23. BRING A SMILE TO AN UNDERSERVED COMMUNITY - Volunteer in a Village in Ghana (Ghana)
  24. Rumah Cemara (Indonesia)
  25. Childline Uganda (Uganda)
  26. Mujeres en Positivo por Venezuela (Venezuela)
  27. Intiwawa - Arequipa, Peru (Peru)
  28. Volunteer with Rural Children (India)
  29. Kitega Community Centre Uganda (Uganda)
  30. Adopt an orphan project (Nigeria)
  31. Volunteering in Rajasthan, India (India)
  32. Quality Affordable Volunteering in Uganda (Uganda)
  33. ITA Zambia ministries (Zambia)
  34. Surcod Malawi (Malawi)
  35. AFRICAN ARCHITECTURE INTERNSHIP (Short-Term Volunteer or Gap Year in Africa) (Ghana)
  36. Abaana Rural Outreach Ministries (Uganda)
  37. Sustainable Volunteer Work in Mukono District, Uganda (Uganda)
  38. Child Growth Promotion inrural Uganda (Uganda)
  39. Joshua Hope Foundation (Uganda)
  40. Beacon of Hope Uganda (Uganda)
  41. India Cultural Exchange Program - 2012 (India)
  42. Esperanza Peru (Peru)
  43. Happy Children Project (Ghana)
  44. special camps for groups India (India)
  45. Volunteer 4 Africa
  46. Tostan (Senegal)
  47. Matibabu Foundation (Kenya)
  48. Better Place Volunteers (Uganda)
  49. HEAL Africa (Congo (Kinshasa))
  50. Elephantitis - free ayurvedic clinic
  51. Papua Barat Sustainable Living Foundation (Indonesia)
  52. ARCH Rehabilitation Center for the Handicapped (Cameroon)
  53. Cope Laos (Laos)
  54. Helping Hands 4 Africa (Uganda)
  55. Skills Plus Uganda (Uganda)
  56. Starve Prevent Foundation (India)
  57. God's Golden Acre (South Africa)
  58. Women's Humanitarian Organisation (Lebanon)
  59. Association L'mnara (Tunisia)
  60. Medical volunteers in Nepal (Nepal)
  61. SDI / VIH -SIDA (Congo (Kinshasa))
  62. Sharing dreams-Peru / volunteer program (Peru)
  63. Orphanage La Pouponnière (Senegal)
  64. Nawaya (Egypt)
  65. Awareness & Prevention through Art (Mozambique)
  66. Lotus Children's Center (Mongolia)
  67. Affordable Quality Volunteering (Uganda)
  68. The Denan Project (Ethiopia)
  69. The Needy Today (Sierra Leone)
  70. Grassroots United (Haiti)
  71. Second Chance Africa (Liberia)
  72. Aghir In Man (Niger)
  73. Volunteer 4 Africa
  74. Globosocial Adventures
  75. On Call Africa (Zambia)
  76. Hoffnung fuer Waisen (Tanzania)
  77. association burkinabè d'aide a l'enfance (Burkina Faso)
  78. Helping Children and Adults with Disabilities in Kashmir, India (India)
  79. African Roots (Cameroon)
  80. UYDV nursery and primary school (Uganda)
  81. Hope Beyond Worldwide (Uganda)
  82. SAVE Pakistan (Pakistan)
  83. KidsCare Cambodia (Cambodia)
  84. Missionaries of Charity (Albania)
  85. Manna Project International (Nicaragua)
  86. Greenpeace India (India)
  87. Sao Sary Foundation (Cambodia)
  88. Burj El-Barajnej Refugee Camp (Lebanon)
  89. Nyimbwa multi-purpose Organisation of PLWHAs (Uganda)
  90. MOVE Nepal volunteer and travel (Nepal)
  91. Universal access to Female Condom (Cameroon)
  92. Stiftung Learning for Life (Ethiopia)
  93. AMAIDI Volunteering in India (India)
  94. Charity Travel
  95. Assoc. Mauretanienne pour la promotion des handicapés mentaux (Mauritania)
  96. Yanapuma Foundation (Ecuador)
  97. Volunteer Petén (Guatemala)
  98. Proyecto Horizonte Ushpa Ushpa (Bolivia)
  99. Ecuador Volunteer Foundation (Ecuador)
  100. EntreMundos (Guatemala)
  101. Carisma Peru (Peru)
  102. Angeles que Aguardan (Peru)
  103. Ak'Tenamit (Guatemala)
  104. Utila Community Clinic (Honduras)
  105. Volunteer intern in Nepal (Nepal)
  106. Kilimanjaro Volunteers Exposure (Tanzania)
  107. Volta Aid Foundation (Ghana)
  108. Clinic and Medical Assistance Cameroon (Cameroon)
  109. Support the Children of Nepal (Nepal)
  110. Development Africa Work camp (Kenya)
  111. Dream Africa Volunteer Service (Ghana)
  112. ICODEI (Inter-Community Development Involvement) (Kenya)
  113. PDH International Volunteer Team (Togo)
  114. ROKPA Soup Kitchen (Nepal)
  115. Bery's Place (Uganda)
  116. Disaster Volunteers of Ghana (Ghana)
  117. Wheelchairs on Mountain tops (Lithuania)

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