Sacha Yacu Wild Animal Rescue Centre

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Ecuador via kindly anonymous
Carolina Garc�a Ahijado
volunteer [at] sachayacu [dot] org
00 593 (0)80563108

세부 사항
2 weeks
Volunteers do not need any previous experience to come and work with us. Some of the work can be quite hard so a basic level of fitness is necessary. Volunteers need to be over 18 years old.We speak English and Spanish.
Day to day care of the big variety of animals at the Centre. Cleaning and preparation of diets, repairing of the enclosures, general construction and maintenance of them, as well as the building of new ones as we expand and develop the Centre. We also run observation and enrichment projects.
Every week the volunteers pay $120 per person to stay at the Centre. It includes accommodation, food for animals and basic veterinarian supplies, building materials, the Centre?s expenses and the salary of the staff.The meals are not included in the price (volunteers contribute with around $15 per week to buy food and cleaning products for the house).

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Colonia Bol�var, km 35 v�a 10 de agosto-Arajuno, Puyo, Ecuador

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